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Love Your Body – Lose weight without a diet

Low-carb salmon spinach burger on a fried zucchini-sweet-potato patty


Low-carb snack: Cottage cheese with red & chili peppers, sunflower & pumpkin seeds and grape seed oil


Gini’s Favorite Caesar Salad: Low-carb & crouton-free, with juicy chicken, mushrooms, pomegranate seeds and extra rich parmesan dressing


Smoked trout filet on green salad with oranges, pomegranate seeds, chili peppers and balsamic vinegar

smoked trout filet salad with oranges pomegranate seeds and chili

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Love your body – getting the body you want without a diet

Enjoy food, lose weight, get fit – it really IS that simple

You love food and eating delicious stuff – and at the same time want to lose a few pounds, burn excess fat and shape your body?

You want to live healthily, but at the same time have fun, not have to abstain from everything that tastes good, and be fit… From time to time enjoy yourself, indulge and relax – and above everything: All this without a guilty conscience?

You are looking for easy, tasty meals that you can prepare in just a few minutes and eat with a clear conscience? Trusting that you’re on the right track and a small indulgence here or there dosen’t throw you off your game – but on the contrary brings you closer to our goal of feeling really good in your body?

Do you want to enjoy life and at the same time have the body you love?

Then you’ve come to the right place.


This is exactly what I want for my life – and as I’ve discovered that it can be so easy to do, I want to share my experiences with you.

On these pages you will find

  • easy, healthy and tasty recipes
  • training schedules and nutrition plans
  • plus workout videos and other tips

that anyone can implement immediately and easily.


In a hurry? No problem: Here is the quick version: Losing weight made easy – at a glance

No one needs diets

Diet overload

Have you ever heard or read about how some diet is “perfect” for losing weight – and later met someone who said the exact opposite?

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find the “right”weight loss system for you – and broken into a sweat just by researching and having to choose between Atkins, Metabolic Balance, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Paleo, Rawfood, Slim-Fast, DASH, TLC…

Diets are “the only way” to lose weight… seems to be a common belief. Why is that? Because diet programs make a lot of money for a lot of people.

There are literally millions of websites and thousands of books about losing weight and dieting:

  • Try “diet” on Google: 428 million results
  • Books about “diet” on 173.000 results
  • Books about “weight” on 110.000 results

What diets are about

Diets usually are about one thing: Benefitting someone – and that is most commonly the company or individual that invented them, wrote a book about them or is selling them.

But do they benefit us – in the long run? Diets usually limit the amount of delicious food (and mostly joy) we are allowed to have, and therefore really are a pain in the *** to follow in the long run.

Also, almost all diets leave our bodies craving for food – because they set some (usually pretty low) limit to how much we’re allowed to eat.

That is why they don’t work. Because, most importantly: Diets aren’t fun!

Eat all you want

I love food.

Since I first started cooking (when my mum showed me how to make pasta sauce and pancakes while I was still in elementary school) I have always adored every aspect of it: colors, smells, flavors… choosing ingredients, buying stuff at the market, unpacking it at home, preparing and cooking, trying new combinations, spices and herbs… and most of all: eating! ^^

If people sit down at a table with me, they are always amazed at home much I can eat. At a restaurant, I might order a second main course when everyone else is done. At home I might cook for 4 when actually I just have one guest. At an all-you-can-eat brunch I might go to the buffet 15 or 20 times, and see the cooks or waitresses start smiling after the 10th. And once I had 100 plates at a running-sushi place – in a row 😉

But the thing is – I don’t put on any weight, and continually have below 10% body fat.

How is that possible?

Plain and simple: By eating the right stuff 99% of the time, and working out constantly.

Losing weight

Have you ever thought about losing weight (or gaining some)? About how to get rid of body fat, get in shape, have the body you dream of, be able to exercise effortlessly? Believe it or not, almost everyone has. Whether people are skinny, obese, a little or highly overweight, underweight or average – it doesn’t matter. Everyone wants to change something.

And what do most people think about first when they want to lose weight? Diets.

The thing is though – diets aren’t fun. Diets are strict, tedious and boring. With diets you can’t enjoy many of the most important parts of our lives – breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks 🙂

And diets don’t work. Have you ever met someone who dieted successfully – and never regained the weight, or even more? I haven’t.

The good thing is: You don’t need diets.

Forget diets

At some point you might have come to the decision that you want to take the next step – to see 

  • what really benefits your body and what doesn’t 
  • what you can eat with pleasure and what you should avoid
  • how you can make it easier for your body to lose weight
  • how you can boost your metabolism and hence become and stay slender with ease
  • what the latest, most delicious, domestic and exotic superfoods are – and how they can perfectly complement your nutrition and give your health an extra boost

Natural as a way of life


Making healthy food sexy


In a hurry? Ok, here’s the quick start version: Auf einen Blick


Eating well, treating your body right, enjoying life! That's what it's all about.

The mission
My mission is to help you (and everyone who wants the good life, the delicious food, the physical well-being, the amazing feeling when your body is working out) find YOUR way to enjoy your nutrition, your workouts and your life - so you can LOVE YOUR BODY.

The work
Some might say it's 80% nutrition, 20% sports, others might say it's 70/30 or 90/10. Whatever the percentages - what you eat probably has BY FAR the greatest impact on your body. Make it a HABIT to eat well, natural and healthy - and getting the body you love will be a piece of cake ;-) Add working out a bit, and you'll get there even faster.

The way
I'll show you how to eat the right stuff, as often and as much as you like, and how to train with ease and fun a few times a week - so much fun that you'll be looking forward to your next workout day. Believe me, this is normal. I'm living proof right here ;-)



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